Dear Colleagues,

I welcome you to Pune for an International Live surgery workshop.

The International GURS was founded in 2017 with the intention of uniting all reconstructive urologists across the globe. The society offers free membership to all those interested.

The activities of the society include conducting live operative workshops, solving problems with discussion and helping each other across the world and be accessible to all the urologists.

The first live surgery workshop under ISGURS is planned at Pune on 21-22 April (Sat-Sun) 2018. After 15 years Prof Anthony Mundy and Prof Guido Barbagli will demonstrate surgery from our center to the venue. The last time they operated together was in Pune in 2002 workshop.

We welcome each one of you.

Pankaj JoshiSBK

Dr Pankaj Joshi           Dr Sanjay Kulkarni

Organising Secretary Organising Chairman 



Organising Committee




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