Program- Live Surgery


Surgeries (Depends upon availability of cases)

  • Dorsal Onlay Bulbar urethroplasty- Barbagli
  • Non-transection bulbar urethroplasty-Mundy
  • Panurethral stricture-Kulkarni
  • Double face BMG for bulbar stricture
  • Post TURP stricture: Ventral BMG
  • Simple and Complex Penile strictures
  • Failed Hypospadias
  • Simple PFUD repair
  • Redo and Complex PFUD
  • Recto Urethral fistula repair
  • Female urethral stricture repair by intra urethral BMG inlay
  • Post radical prostatectomy BN stenosis repair
  • Bulbar Urethral Necrosis: Pedicled Preputial Tube repair
  • Penile Prosthesis
  • Artificial Urinary Sphincter



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